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Why Flowertote?

Usable in any vehicle!

Whether it's an extra vehicle or your everyday delivery van, the versatility of Flowertote Carriers make them the carrier to use no matter what size your operation. No more tipped arrangements on your car seats.

Organized Daily Delivery Vehicle

No more clutter of wet boxes, sandbags, milk crates and other daily maneuvers to accommodate what should be an organized part of your business.

Safe, Efficient Delivery - Reduced time on the road - SAVE GAS!

Your driver can focus on the road without worrying about spilled arrangements every time they stop or turn a corner, resulting in reduced, more efficient time on the road.

Reduced Overhead

Take damaged flowers out of your arrangement costs. No spills, no more bruised blossoms, no "fixing" damaged arrangements on the road by your driver.

Easy to Store

Flowertote carriers stack efficiently. No need to remove extra carriers from your vehicle. Perfect in a passenger vehicle or a van, when not in use they take up less than 20" square when stacked on top of each other. No inserts to keep track of.

Custom Carriers Available

Have a specific container or need? Contact us, we will find or design the right carrier to fit your need, often at no increased cost to you. We'll send you a picture of your container in the carrier we recommend.