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Our 16 compartment carriers accommodate most smaller vases and containers from 4" squares and bubbles (16S & 16R) to taller roses vases and cylinders(16T & 16XT) up to 4 3/8" in diameter. This carriers can also be configured (as shown in the A, B and C configurations to accommodate larger containers and urns (7J, 8J matches as well as 80 and 81 urns).

Item # 16TB
Number of Compartments = 10

Compartment Dimensions
(8) - 4 ⅜"(w) x 4 ⅜"(w) x 6 ⅛"(h)
(2) - 9"(w) x 9"(w) x 6 ⅛"(h)

Overall Carrier Dimension
19 ¾"(w) x 19 ¾"(w) x 7 ¼"(h)