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Be More Efficient With Flowertote
When you search for products to feature in your store, don't forget about merchandise that will help your store be more efficient. You want to find products that your customers can use, however, it's an added bonus whenever you find something that you can use as well. Finding products that makes your store even better is such an amazing find. So, if you're a florist, you definitely want to check out Flowertote. This is such a great floral carrier that florist will absolutely love!

Flowertote features a no spill floral container that helps make floral delivery more efficient. This great product helps your fresh flowers arrive as beautiful as ever, just like when they were first created. Are you asking yourself what makes this product so great? Well, there are great features when it comes to this floral delivery accessory.

Versatile Fit
Well, this floral carrier is usable in any vehicle. No matter what type of vehicle it is, your regular floral delivery van or an extra vehicle making deliveries on a special holiday, this product is versatile and will fit in any car.

Organization is a great feature as well. You won't have to worry about all those wet boxes, milk crates and other daily delivery accessories. This flower tote helps you stay completely organized and clean whenever making your round of deliveries.

Being efficient is a strong point in any business. Anyone making a delivery can stay focused more on the road and not worry about tipping over vases, plants or gift items. Your delivery time will be reduced, which will save you time, money and gas! Plus, your customers will be extremely happy.

Reduced Overhead
No more having to worry about damaged flowers during the delivery time, with Flowertote, you'll be able to reduce your damaged flowers which in turn reduces your overhead. You won't have to worry about fixing your flowers. The safe compartments will hold everything where it's supposed to be.

Now, you maybe worried about bulky storage and this product taking up a bunch of space. However, these carriers stack very efficiently. Just leave them in your delivery vehicle for easy storage and ready to be used for the next delivery day.

Floral Supply Flowertote is always thinking of you and making your business more efficient. These wonderful carriers come in various sizes to fit round vases, square vases, wedding centerpieces, cylinders and rose vases. You'll find compartments that will hold the vases in place without spilling or tipping over. It will become a staple piece in your floral accessories.

So, why should you feature this product in you store? Easy. You will not only make your deliveries more efficient, reduce cost and make your customers happy, but you'll also be able to sell these in your store. Nursery owners, caterers, event planners, customers who love to garden and just customers who want to stay more organized in their car will absolutely love this carrier.

When finding a product that will better your company, as well as your customers, choose Flowertote. This efficient storage and delivery accessory will help keep your organized and help in day-to-day activities. This will be a must in your store, as well as everyone's home.